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1. What is your real name?

- Evangeline

2. Are you a Filipino?

- Proud to be!

3. How old are you?

- 16 as of now! :)

4. When is your birthday?

- October 20

5. When was your blog created?

- March 11, 2012. This is the url before of my food blog.

6. What is the new url of your food blog?


7. Why did you make a another blog?

- Well, I wanted to have a personal blog that could be my “diary”. :)

8. Promote me? Vote for me?

- Sure! Just ask me dear! And you gotta be following me ‘cause it’d be rude if not.

9. Did you promote me already?

- You may check it here dear! But I delete promotions if a new month has started! :)

10. Have you answered my question?

- You may check it here dear! :)

Anything else? :)